Our Vision

To have Fit body and mind to live longer and robust.

Our Mission

To achieve your fitness goals through easy lifestyle changes through continuous assessment, personal mentoring, psychological evaluation, and minimal training.

What is Robust Body Fitness?

RobustBody Fitness is the online fitness, nutrition and BodyBuilding Platform to transform people.

RobustBody Fitness was founded by Parikh Chaudhary in 2020, who is Software Engineer, Certified Fitness and Nutrition Expert and aim to transform, educate & inspire people around us.

Here's What Our Customers Think

I was 95kgs when I reached out to Parikh for help. He was very supportive and always motivating me to reach my goal. He helped me lead a healthy life. The diet chart was so simple. It literally had everything I enjoyed eating. The regular follow ups and constant motivation helped me lose 14 kgs in 12 weeks. I am really thankful to Parikh for that.

Aditi pradhan IT Services

Dear Parikh (Guruji) Thanks a lot for you fantastic guidance in terms of correct workout, especially the stretching n there variations. My Nutrition Coach had put me n Shishir on perfect food habit correction which had given us exceptional results and your quidance in terms of workouts along with the right food intake had given best results by only losing fat percentage but not muscle, this is the key thing healthy weight loss. Me & Shishir is really thankful for your unconditional guidance in this lockdown situations. Thanks a lot Guruji

Neetu Pal House wife

Hi Parikh, Thanks for helping me out with my transformation. It was an amazing journey, thanks for all your guidance throughout. Definitely I could not give my 100% effort as I had to attend multiple family functions . Otherwise the results surely would have been fairly better. LAST MONTH Reduced mummy pouch finally

Shilpi Software engineer

Thankyou @parikh_chaudhary for training me. The journey from 65kgs to 52kgs(lockdown period) would not be possible without you. Still need to reduce some weight (face fat too). Thanks for motivating me

Kitti Air crew


Prince PHD Scholar

Parikh bro I have gained muscle mass Which never happened before instead of much efforts After your guidance and support I Gained size on legs Arms Thanks bro

Shiva Software engineer
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