Can We do Fat-loss without Workout ?

Before Answering this question , Let me Explain you simple formula how it works .

Energy balance  = Energy input – Energy output 

              Energy Input =  Calories you consume from Food .

              Energy Output =  Calories you Burned ( When  Body at Rest to in active Mode).

Now Energy balance is your Deciding factor for your Fat-Loss .

   If Energy balance is Positive :::: You will not lose Fat/Weight .

  If Energy balance is Negative :::: You will  lose Fat/Weight . 

 For Example :  Calories Burnt (Calories Out) by  person is  3000 kcal (calories) called Energy Output and Calories In  from Food is (2000kcal) called Energy Input . Hence  2000-3000 = minus 1000 So Energy Balance is Negative (fat loss will occur )

Yes 😊You can Do Fat/Weight loose just by eating Less Calories(that Comes from Food).

Note : You have to track your Calories to calculate your Energy input and track your workout for Energy output .

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