All you should know about caffeine in cup of coffee .

Research showed that caffeine consumption increases fat oxidation rates and spares muscle glycogen. This led to the theories that A) caffeine is an effective fat loss supplement and B) caffeine is an ergogenic aid (performance enhancer) that increases your body’s ability to burn fat for energy.

Caffeine’s primary mechanism of action, however, is not metabolic. Rather, caffeine functions as a sympathetic nervous

system stimulant, increasing adrenaline levels.(type of hormone) , which alerts your brain to remain in active mode .

Caffeine can be performance enhancer when taken around  2  mg/kg   goes till 4 to 5 mg/kg  But tolerance(mean it became ineffective for  body )  to caffeine builds up quickly and at low dosages. Using just 1 mg/kg   to 3 mg/kg  induce  complete tolerance within 4 weeks

Can we increase its dose continuously to became it effective ?

Increasing it cause worse side effects increase  anxiety , decreases sleep , increase cortisol production  and more common withdrawal symptoms are headaches, fatigue, depression and symptoms are observed when you daily takes 2 or more cup of coffee daily

Can we  consume it ?

Now we can say caffeine has psychological benefits and consuming it is personal choice  , Now taking around 80 -100 mg  can increase your motivation and alertness in gym  but doses close to 5 mg /kg can taken very occasionally for heavy Powerlifting training  .

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